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New releases:


Binary Browser V8.6 ( Professional Edition) (Shareware: $135)
Program is intended for software companies, programmers and web developers. It is a collection of tools such as:
"Tree Compare" is used in comparison of folders or files. You can view/revoke changes in 2 intances ... more

Cache and Save V4.5 (MS Internet explorer Addon (Freeware: $0)
CAS is very useful for those who frequently use the internet and want to save their time. Instants of Web pages can be saved by one mouse click, with highlighted parts. Saved pages can be easily tracked, sorted by domains, marks, time .etc. While working with the program a context help is displayed depending on situation. An Internet online help is also available as a startup help.
Full stand alone program (Shareware: $37)
Periscope Image Browser V3.2 (freeware) - V5.1 (shareware $25)
A powerful tool to browse, search and view images with certain properties (width, height, used colors, transparency, animation, interlace .etc) Animated images can be played normally, slowly or step by step. Interlace can be viewed. It displays image comments, if any, like copyright info, designer name, can check whether the image is conforming to standards or not . . . . .
Message Boards Browser V2. (Freeware: $0)
This version of Message Boards Browser is designed for New York Times message boards and Microsoft public newsgroup, and is distributed for free. It has an interface similar to MS Outlook, though it works with both NNTP newsgroups and web based (HTTP) message boards.

If you find V2.0 interresting and need more newsgroups and message boards, you can order version 3.0 for $17

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